Our Location – 2 Moffatt Road, Tokoroa

Amisfield School is an attractive school that is nestled on the outskirts of Tokoroa. With large grounds and trees children play in a friendly welcoming space.

The large modern library is well stocked with books. It has excellent provisions for children to relax and read for information or pleasure.

The classrooms are spacious and well appointed. They are warm and attractive with good display areas. A large modern hall provides opportunity for whole school assemblies, sport and physical education activities, visiting performers, student speech contests, student operettas and a variety of other activities.

Classes reflect the modern society we live in with access to I-pads, Mimio Boards for teaching and learning and desktop computers.

Amisfield is a Full Primary School with a particular interest in providing a stable and advanced learning environment for senior students with access to learning programmes outside of the school.

While we do not have our own after school care programme, two local groups collect those children who are enrolled with them from the school every day. Please contact us if you need more information about the programmes available.