Digital Devices

At Amisfield School we believe that connecting our students to great learning resources and experiences through high quality digital learning is an important part of 21st century learning. 

At Amisfield School we are well resourced and allocate a Chromebook to each student in Years 3 -8*. Junior classes have access to devices to use to support their learning also. 

Digital safety is important and so we are a Classwise school.  Classwise is an additional tool that helps us keep students safe and on task when they are learning in the digital environment. 

*Year 3's may be included if they are part of a Year 3&4 class.

Student Phones: 

Students are welcome to bring phones to school as this can help sort after school arrangements. 

If your child does bring a phone to school we ask that these are handed into the school office where they will be securely kept until the end of the day.

We have been lucky in 2022 and again in 2023 to have received grants from Pub Charities allowing us to purchase enough devices for our students to have their own allocated device.

Thank you so much!