Our Team

At Amisfield School we have a dedicated and professional team who work hard to help students be their very best. 

From our teachers to our cleaning and caretaking staff we all work towards making Amisfield a great place to be. 

Senior Leadership Team:

Principal: Mr Gareth Gilmour

Deputy Principal: Mrs Maggie Clarence

Senior Team Leader: Whaea Emily Brooker

Junior Team Leader: Mrs Claire Levin

Admin Staff: 

Office Manager: Mrs Nicole Mahu

Teaching Team and Learning Support Staff

Room 10 - New Entrant & Year 1:  Mrs Giselle McMahon

Room 9 - Year 1 & Year 2: Whaea Poppy Power

Room 7 - Year 2 & Year 3: Mrs Claire Levin

Room 8 - Year 3 & Year 4: Mrs Arunesh Chand

Room 3 - Year 5 & Year 6: Mrs Laura Green

Room 2 - Year 6 & Year 7: Mr Cameron Brown

Room 1 - Year 7 & Year 8: Whaea Emily Brooker

Reading Recovery: Mrs Delwyn Taylor

Learning Assistant: Mrs Melissa Finau

 Learning Assistant: Mrs Karen Osborne

 Learning Assistant: Mrs Shirley Samson

Property Maintenance

Caretaker: Mr Geoff Grant

Cleaner: Mrs Carol Ward

Cleaner: Cheryl's Cleaning Services