Our Curriculum

At Amisfield School we strive to deliver the very best education possible to students. Our mission statement encapsulates what we value: 

“Helping every learner be their best through positive relationships, quality teaching, and engaging opportunities”.

To do this we have three different but interlinked approaches to teaching and learning. 

1) Guided Teaching:  Guided teaching is what will be most familiar to you. This is the work our teachers do directly with students. It can be with the whole class at times but primarily it involved working with groups of students using needs-based teaching. At Amisfield we support students to know what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they will know when they have learned it. This is achieved through goal setting, the use of learning progressions, and involving students in their assessment to help them understand its purpose. 

2) Exploration Approach: Exploration Learning is based on learning through play principles adapted to suit the age and stage of the class. In the Junior School, this will look more like creative play but as students progress through the school it begins to be more problem solving, interest or challenge based.  We implement what we call 'exploration stations'. These are used to reinforce learning, introduce learning or provide experiences across the curriculum.  

3) Conceptual Curriculum: Our Conceptual Curriculum describes the themes we teach each term across the school and the inquiry process we use with students to help them to become effective questioners, researchers, and creators as they inquire into topics and respond to ideas and issues they discover. This will look very different across the school, but it is all working towards our older students being able to take agency for their learning and be effective contributors not only at school but in the community they live in, both local and global. 

Our Curriculum Framework: